It's been a little while and there is news to report. TS, after a long stretch of inactivity made the decision to part ways with vocalist, Sid and drummer, Brian Fahey.

The good news is that Dave Cassese formerly of melodic hardcore band, 60/40, has been recruited on vocals and will commence songwriting duties with AC and Luigi to start a new chapter in TS's future. Additionally, TS will be holding auditions for new drummers in the coming weeks.  

Capturing the fury of The Sex Pistols and the energy and fire of early eighties American Hardcore, The Swindle is more than the sum of its parts. And they’re not for the faint of heart, either. They rock with a sense of purpose, loudly and rudely, embodying the spirit of punk rock with an authentic sincerity not seen since the Pistols sailed down the Thames thumbing their nose at the Queen.

With two EP’s, the cheekily titled, “Rarities And B-Sides” and “You’ve Been Had,” The Swindle is on a mission to create a punk rock revolution and bring their brand of hedonistic mayhem to a neighborhood basement near you. Rock and roll was all about rebellion and this is rebellion at its finest and loudest.